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About Law Office of Andrew M. Liefer

Whether they are big or small, criminal charges can have an outsize effect on your life. Even a speeding ticket can lead to future consequences that you would have no way of anticipating. At the Law Office of Andrew M. Liefer, we know that. We craft strategic defenses, working to protect your future from a wide variety of criminal offenses.

The Law Office of Andrew M. Liefer Approach

We know that often, it can be hard to navigate the criminal justice process when you are overwhelmed and worried about what might happen to you. It is easy to make the mistake of cooperating with law enforcement or the prosecuting attorney, which in some cases can lead to charges where they could have been avoided. It is crucial to have the help of a criminal defense lawyer.

Over years of practice, attorney Liefer has honed an approach that works. The Law Office of Andrew M. Liefer approach focuses on:

  • Client care and relationships: Mr. Liefer serves our clients with personal care and attention, and will be by your side the entire time making sure you are protected.
  • Strategy: He will evaluate the situation, looking at the best outcome for you and your particular situation, and adjust his plan accordingly.
  • Results: Mr. Liefer is dedicated to getting real results. He is an experienced trial attorney and will go all out fighting for you in the courtroom if necessary.

This approach speaks for itself with a long track record of successful results. To learn more about Mr. Liefer’s professional background, click the link below.

The First Step Toward Freedom Is A Quality Defense

To speak with attorney Liefer, call our Fairview Heights office at 618-744-0867. You can also reach out at any time by using our online contact form. We serve clients throughout Illinois.